Early Summer

Hey! This is my first ever blog, so I just want to set up your expectation… I’m not yet good at it! Haha! (insert Sadness) But any suggestions and comments are highly appreciated. Please feel free to leave your comments once you’re done reading! Thanks a lot!ย โค


Last January 17, 2016, Sunday, we went to Playa Azalea, Samal Island, Davao. ย This is actually exclusive only for lot owners of it.


Well, lucky us! My teammate’s boyfriend is connectedย with Playa Azalea.ย He’s not a lot owner though, but he knows of someone. And he just asked for authorization letter from the lot owner to allow us to use its name so we could get in.ย Yey!


The gang!


The place is so relaxing and aside from the pool, we were also able to enjoy watching the sunset at the beach! Enjoyed taking fun pictures. Like, models ee?ย (chuckle) โ™ฅ


They actually have infinity pool! Itย is locatedย at the other side of the subdivision.ย However, sad to say, we weren’t able to enjoy it.ย Because in the afternoon, some of us hadย fun on theirย pictorial, some were asleep (Me and Boyfie). Lol. Reason why noneย of us even thought of going thereย to swim. But we went there at night before going home. And swimming was no longer allowed. Ugh!

We will definitely visit the place again, soon. And make sure that we’ll go first to the infinity pool to swim and take pictures there. Hope to see you guys when we go back! ๐Ÿ™‚



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