Korean Cuisine

I’ve been thinking ’bout trying different cuisines. But every time I check on the menu, I couldn’t even imagine cooking veggies. Let alone eat them! 😫 Well, I am a meat lover, yes, but not sushi. Ew. 😫 So, I tried this new restau at the ground floor of Abreeza (Gangnam Restaurant) and tadaaaah, check out the foods that we ordered:


Korean cuisine is largely based on rice, vegetables, and meats. Traditional Korean meals are noted for the number of side dishes that accompany steam-cooked short-grain rice.


Teriyaki!!! 😍


Seasoned Fried Chicken Yangyeom Tongdak with mashed potatoes and veggie salad. 🙌



Kimchi is almost always served at every meal. It’s a traditional fermented Korean side dish of vegetables with a variety of seasonings. Mine is made from Napa cabbage


 And yes to this quote! 😏


“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.” – Pablo Picasso


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