Hello, 23rd!



So last Sunday night, I wore this vintage polka dot romperΒ  and t’was so cute that I can’t help but share it here. And did I mention that I’m so into rompers? Haha! One of my reasons is that, I don’t have to buy/pay a separate price for top and bottom which could be more expensive.Β πŸ™Š

What was with last Sunday? Well, it was just our 23rd monthsary celebration. SoΒ it means… there’s one more month to go for our 2nd year anniversary!Β πŸ‘Β (ang bilis talaga ng panahon)


The best thing I like about my relationship with himΒ is that, our love for each other still remain and even getting stronger. Albeit we had a lot of arguments and fights, we stayed and chose our love over fights. Forgiveness over mistakes. Acceptance over changes.

Love is not just a feeling, it is a choice. No successful relationship if either one of you give up. We sometimes talk about how we like the consistency of our intimate love staysΒ and still working.Β πŸ’“

Cheeseballs overload! Haha!Β πŸ˜‚ Β Oh, please forgive me.


For the food that night? We decided to have a dinner date, then watch a movie after. And you know when girls crave for a certain food? We find ways to find that food and eat it!Β I craved for Pork Binagoongan ofΒ Penong’s and Sinigang. So we went there for dinner, then SM Lanang to watch Angry Bird movie.


And that’s a wrap! I know you got bored reading this post. Haha! ‘Cos it highlights my thoughts and experience about my current relationship. But hey, this is my personal blog, anyway. So expect more diarylike posts here. Haha! Oh, please bear with me. 😁

Hey, hey, hey! Wait up!

One more thing guys. Do you have any idea on what’s the best anniversary surprise to do/make for boyfriend? I beg you to please share it with me. Pretty please?Β πŸ˜­πŸ™ I really don’t know what to do! *sigh*



2 thoughts on “Hello, 23rd!

  1. mheamour says:

    if you want something easy, buy that one thing he has been wanting to get for months now.
    or if you want something cheesy that you haven’t tried before, “love coupons” always work! 😜


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