Happy 2nd Anniversary!


I’m trying to compose myself. I’m contemplating on how to start this post. I can’t contain my happiness!

Who would’ve thought we overcome two years of loving and caring for each other. 😍 Two years of adjusting, helping each other to become the best person we could ever be. Two years of encountering different struggles in each life and in our relationship. But here we are celebrating another year! 👏💓👌 Awwe! Sorry guys, this is the longest relationship in the history of my life. Thus, expect me to be cheesy in some of my posts. Tihihihi. 😅✌

Sooo…Let me share with you guys how we pull our anniversary celebration off!


We went to the office to get our gswag items. And here’s mine! 😍 I wanted to try a different look so I decided to choose this pair of booties! Good choice, right? 😉 But uhm, yuh, I’m thinking of when I’m going to wear them. Our weather in the Philippines gets bipolar sometimes. Haha! Thanks, Papa God for the blessings! 😇


And tadaaaah! We also had team boodle fight! Yipey! Happy tummy and wallet because of this free breakfast. Haha! 😂

And for our dinner, we chose Huckleberry Southern Kitchen & Bar. Enjoy the photos! 😂😘


Have tried them all! American feels!!! 😂🙊



Hot Fish and Chips. The fish was so good!



Fresh Lemonade juice.



Their bar counter.


Shrimp so tasteful! Aah! I wanna have some more!



Panoramic view of their bar counter.



So happy and glad to share the 2 years of my life with this man. 😍❤



I bought plane tickets for us two so we could finally have a long vacation together. Cebu for September, since it’s his birth month. And on March next year to Manila. Nyiiiii! He was so happy when I showed him our itinerary. Aaaahh… It really made me happy too, seeing him smiling because of my gift!  What a happy anniversary indeed! 😍❤

Never in my life have I ever felt so loved and secured by someone so dear to me (except for my parents, ofc). So grateful to have you, Bhie. ❤💋

Address: Oboza Compound, C. Bangoy St, Poblacion District,
Davao City, Davao del Sur



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