Beauty Moments Salon, Spa & Café


Beauty Moments Salon, Spa & Café.

Yes, you read it right! While you’re having a hair treatment and giving your body a massage you can also feed your tummy, all at the same time! 😱 Kudos to the owner of this business for the unique strategy on how to attract more customers! 👏 I haven’t tried their salon and spa yet. But I’m already considering this place for my next hair treatment soon.

But of course, we did try their café. Here, you can order their crazy shake in chocolate, vanilla and rainbow. See what they have inside the café! 😊



Books you could borrow while you’re waiting for your order or even while you’re eating. Just leave one valid ID to the tenant so you can pick any books you want to  read.



Cute mugs, right? Mingmingming! 🐱




Let’s be social… tag the #YourBeautymomentsStartsHere.



So yup, I borrowed Alex’s book. 😊

One of my favorite lines in her book that I was able to read before leaving the place is about our motto that should only be…

YOLO: You Only Live Once, You Only Love Once, and You Only Love One – because we’re only meant for The One. 


Oh… I just realized…I’m a bowlegged! 😳


Yummy, Bhie? 😂



So I ordered their Fish Fillet (Dory).


And he ordered Tender Chicken.


And for the sweets, we ordered their Crazy Shake Rainbow worth 200 pesos. 👅 nomnomnom


Top: Bench Plain White Shirt | Bottom: Petrol Denim Shorts | Shoes: Vans | Watch: Citizen | Bag: Geraldton from ShoeDazzle (US Online Brand) | Cap: Volcom (Boyfie’s)

Just wore a laid back outfit since we went to Malta, Hospital in Toril to visit boyfie’s grandma. T’was really a long and tiring road trip. But we still had fun though. 😉 And to reward ourselves we decided to try this place.

It is indeed worth a try! Hope you also find yourselves visiting this place anytime soon. Ciao! 👋😉

Location: Pink House, 426 Tulip Drive Juna Subdivision,
Matina Crossing, 8000 Davao City
Opening hours: 10:00 – 22:00


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