One Week Long Celebration | Happy 2nd Anniv

Anniversary Diary:

I’d been contemplating on what activities or ways on how to celebrate our anniversary this year. I’d been thinking of night swimming at the pool, dinner at Vikings, travel to Sigaboy, Davao Oriental or Samal trip. But thank God we came out with a one-week-long-celebration idea. 😂🙌

June 13th, Monday^02943CA92E3658B2E489221A7AB808BAD82D47CD774ADB8F64^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr
Before heading to Toril to visit his grandma, I had my quick early dinner at Jollibee, Sandawa Branch. Yes, I was that matakaw guys. 😂✌
And oh…after we visited his grandma, we had our dinner (another dinner for me, btw. Haha!) at Beauty Moments Salon, Spa & Cafe.

June 14th, Tuesday
He was playing Dota when I surprised him with tropical fruit salad with a note on it. He was shocked by my surprise visit! Haha! I just wanted to give him fruits to eat while playing. Awwee…that’s so sweet of me. (tap on my shoulder please) 😂

June 15th, Wednesday
Happy 2nd Anniversary!!! We had our intimate dinner together at Huckleberry Southern Kitchen & Bar. Talked a lot of random things. Exchanging of plans for our future and personal plans as individuals. We were nostalgically talking about those days on how we turned from teammates to friends to lovers. I’m glad that at this age of mine, I’ve met a matured and responsible guy like him. ❤ (cheeseballs! 😂)

June 16th, Thursday
^827959D18CD4C8FDC8D6B1BCF87013233DAED9B0BF8CAD686A^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr (2)
Some sweets for our brave hearts who continued to love each other. Chos! 😂😍😜

June 17th, Friday

I told him I believe that treasuring moments are better than material things. That’s why I surprised him while he was playing Dota. And created some memories together every day of the week (but ofc, not just for this week). I had duty and it was his rest day. It rained heavily that night so he wasn’t able to accompany me to go to work. 😔 Sad!

June 18th, Saturday
We had our super late lunch at Kuya J’s restaurant in SM Lanang.
Then we watched the Finding Dory movie. Any worse thing happened? Yes, there was. I.FELL.ASLEEP. 😴😢😩 But hey! Imagine guys, I had work last night and left the office at 8am. I was really exhausted then, to the point that I fell asleep during the movie. Boohoo 😭👎

June 19th, Sunday

On our 7th day of celebrating our 2nd anniversary, we spent it by traveling with our work friends to Buda! 🙌 Yeeey! We got the chance to travel out of town  again!


Celebrating anniversaries or monthsaries don’t have to be always bongga. Just do the things you haven’t both tried and meet halfway. Even a simple dinner works. As long as you’re both happy and delighted due to the fact that you are celebrating another year of togetherness. Spoil your relationship with love, effort, time and experiences together. As what I’ve said, memories together are better than material things to treasure. ❤😉


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