Day 1 – Cebu Travel Diary

For the first time, boyfriend and I left our comfort zone (Davao City in Mindanao) to travel and explore different city in the Visayas. We had a lot of first time experiences on this trip.


#relationshipgoals is real! Lols. 😅

One of which was, his first time to travel by air and toured just the two of us. No family members nor friends. But on our 3rd day, our friends at work also took a trip to Cebu and we went to Oslob altogether.


Before our first day in Cebu, I had a graveyard shift ’til 6:30 AM on Friday. So I immediately went to the airport to make sure we could catch our flight on time. And since I was from work, imagine how haggard I was! Huhu. 😭 We arrived at around 10 AM, headed to Pacific Pensionne right away, where we stayed for 3 nights.

I booked the 3 nights stay online through And I tried to put a special request on the bottom part of the booking page. I only requested for a birthday greeting to be posted on the wall or on the table actually. But to my surprise, they also included a small cake! Aawwe… So sweet of them. 😊

Thanks to the staff of Pacific Pensionne who made this little surprise possible!


Our first stop was what they also call the little Amsterdam – the Sirao Garden! This is the farm of Celosia flowers, a field of yellow, pink, orange, and fiery red flowers.

This is located in Barangay Sirao – a highland barangay in Cebu City. We paid 30 pesos each for the entrance fee. Aside from the hashtags #MiniAmsterdam, they also have few trending hashtags such as #Celosia, #LittleBaguio and #LittleHolland.

How we got there? Well, from the hotel, we rode 17B jeepney to JY Mall. From there, we rode a habal-habal going to the highlands of Cebu where the Sirao Farm is located.

Can you see the raindrops? Yes, it rained hard that afternoon when we were on our way to the Temple of Leah after visiting the Sirao farm. So, we then had to pull over and since there was a karenderia nearby, we decided to eat because we were so hungry. Lol.

And for our second stop, the astounding Temple of Leah! 🙌

If you’re following me on instagram (@meikameme), you probably saw my post containing this picture with the caption: “When in Barcelona.” Lol!

And one hard thing about hanging out without any other person with you is that, you couple should take pictures of each other! Vice versa, ganern!

Look how haggard that face is! I honestly had no strength to even put lipstick on. Booo…

Temple of Leah: A Tribute of Love

Teodorico Adarna, father of actress Ellen Adarna and owner of Queensland motels, built the huge edifice to his wife Leah Villa Albino-Adarna. It is located on Roosevelt St., Brgy. Busay Cebu City.

We paid 600 pesos to habal-habal driver. That’s already for the round trip transpo and for waiting for us. Pakyawan kung baga.

And that’s a wrap! We really had fun on our first day in Cebu, though we were worn out due to long rides. But it was all worth it! I’ll be posting about our day 2, 3 and 4 soon. So stay tuned! 😃

And oh, by the way, this is a DIY itinerary for our first day. Hope this could give you an idea on how you could spend your first day visit in Cebu.

 I wore:
*Black Halter Top bought from online seller
*Button-Front Denim Skirt from For Me
White Sneakers from Vans


7 thoughts on “Day 1 – Cebu Travel Diary

    • jameikakiss says:

      Awwe…Thank you so much for taking time to read this post. Haha! Yeah, we really enjoyed our stay there. We even wanted to stay for more couple of days to do other extreme activities such as Canyoneering . But unfortunately, time and money didn’t allow us to. Haha! But we’ll try to visit Cebu again soon. Hopefully! 🙏


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