Gypsy Café x Brush Calligraphy & Floral Painting Workshop

Last month, while searching for calligraphy stuff online, I’ve found a post about an interesting workshop. It caught my attention since the workshop was about watercolor floral and brush calligraphy. The set I’ve received from boyfie has nibs. So this brush pen calligraphy is somewhat new to me and quite interesting, especially the floral painting. 😊

When Lois knew about the workshop, he then told me to contact the organizer to reserve a slot for me and he’d pay for it. And who am I to refuse this thoughtful advance birthday gift? Lol. We’ve been also wanting to try Gypsy Café. So we thought of hitting two birds in one stone. Chos! 😂

Fast forward to the 18th day of the month, my most awaited day  (except for Dec. 7th, my birthday, of course. 😋) just came and the colorful and fun journey of my new hobby has just started. Which I will be sharing my experience on the latter part of this post, btw. So brace yourself as this is kinda being a long post. Hihi. 😁✌


So, let’s start with the Gypsy Café! 🙌

We made sure to be there before 11AM so we could take a quick brunch before the workshop started. Lol. Para-paraan. Ganoin! And just lucky enough to take these photos while waiting for our order, since we were the only customers that time. Can you relate?Haha! If you know what I mean! 😄

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I like their colorful wooden gate, so artistic and it adds drama on the outside view of the place!

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Panoramic view downstairs.

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Exquisite interior, isn’t it? Rustic touch is timeless, indeed.

And these are the photos I’ve taken upstairs.

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The cafe has the Christmas vibe already. Aah! I can’t believe it’s already Christmas time! Time flies so fast and this most awaited season of the year is just around the corner. Semestral break, holidays for employees, Christmas parties and family/barkada reunions are everywhere!


My fave, their crispy chicken wings tossed in spicy BBQ sauce – Chicken Buffalo Wings. It’s not that super spicy. Even Lois (who can’t tolerate spicy food) enjoyed it! I mean, the spiciness level of the sauce is manageable. 👌


And their Sizzling Sisig – minced pork musk and pork liver marinated with lemon seasoning and served in a sizzling hot plate. It doesn’t have that weird-stink that I sometimes smell when eating pork dishes. Which is good! 👍


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I know! 😂 At least, you have now the idea on how much you have to prepare before heading to the said café, right?


And now, my favorite part of that day!!! 😍🙌 It’s time for some fun activities!



Awweee! Aren’t they lovely? 😍💞



I finally learned the basics on how to do the modern calligraphy. Some of my friends told me that I can learn about it by just watching videos on youtube. But I tell you, it’s totally different when there’s a teacher or anyone who could be hands on in teaching you on how to do it. And you could gain friends from joining workshops too!

It’s even more fun than just watching videos about calligraphy on youtube alone. You guys can even share different styles, techniques and experiences with each other. Be inspired and even be an inspiration to others, especially to newbies.

Yes, I know you have to pay for workshops (unless it’s for free). But the experience and knowledge still worth it! New found passion in a certain thing requires investment. Especially, if it includes the arts. Invest your time, money and commitment for it to be nourished from time to time.


Thank you so much @thehandmadebliss for this cute giveaway! 😍💞


We were only four participants for the second batch, while first batch had more than that. It was a little bit easier for me to learn the brush calligraphy, but I found it kinda hard for floral painting! Darn! I thought it’s easier. Lol. I’m not good at painting, though, so that is why. Haha! Reasons! Boo! 😄 But other than that, I had so much fun and it went well. Such a pretty awesome experience. I enjoyed the process of learning both. And I’m looking forward to more workshops, gatherings, events and the like.

Shout out to Gypsy Cafe for the good service and accommodation. They let Lois charge his laptop downstairs while he was using it until the workshop is done. Yeah, he waited for about 5 hours. I know! Very supportive boyfie. Naks! 😊💞

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And thank you for sharing your knowledge, techniques and talent, Miss Nica Noel (for floral painting) and Miss Joanna Marie Diana (for brush calligraphy). Looking forward to see you both again soon and learn more from you! ☺😘

GYPSY CAFE | FB Page: GypsyCafé
IG: @gypsy.cabantian
                             Door 1&2 Orangetree Bldg, Cabantian, Davao City, Philippines
Call: 082-313-8946
0932-313-8946 (SUN)
Operating Hours: 9:00AM – 9:00PM

Nica Noel | FB Page: The Hand-made Bliss
IG: @thehandmadebliss

Johanna Marie Diana | IG: @hannadeesigns

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions herein are my own and not influenced by the growing business in any way.


6 thoughts on “Gypsy Café x Brush Calligraphy & Floral Painting Workshop

    • Jamaica ❤ says:

      Thank you, Cess! They also have a stall at The Smoke in the City (SM Lanang parking lot). You may also go there to try their food. Last day na today. Hehe. Hope you could visit them there! 😊


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