New found fave place: Spark Coffee + Crafts

Just yesternight, I found my new fave place. It doesn’t have artsy paintings, graffiti nor colorful walls, unlike the other cafes I’ve been into, though. However, for some reason, I found the place relaxing. In a way that I could doodle while eating waffles with banana and blueberries. Practice calligraphy while sipping hot coffee. And maybe with earphone on, then watch a movie while enjoying my sandwich.

One of the reasons why I would try a certain place is the kind of food they offer, next to that is the place. I saw the post of K&K: All Things Kawaii about their newest and first ever physical store (finally!). And to my surprise, it is settled inside a cafe! πŸ˜±

While checking on SPARK Coffee + Crafts’ Facebook page, I saw their post about Spark sandwich. Which was the reason why I badly needed to visit the place A-S-A-P, tbh. I was like, oh! I would get to check calligraphy stuff and try their Spark sandwich! Mind you, it’s not the typical sandwich that has a filling in between two bread with lettuce.


Β©Spark Coffee + Crafts

See what I mean? πŸ˜

Unfortunately, Spark Sandwich last night wasn’t available. Sigh. But it was fine though. My visit was still satisfying.

We ordered the…


Iced Cafe Latte worth Php 115.


Cafe Latte worth Php 110.


Waffles Banana & Blueberry worth Php 90.

Amoy palang, busog kana! This one is a bomb! I never thought combining the three would be perfect. I swear, you must also try this.


And this, too! Haha! This is Chicken Fajitas Sandwich worth Php 185. Aside from the unique look of this sandwich, you would also go crazy for its palatable and tender chicken. Well, how much more if Spark Sandwich was available that time? Hmm…


The menu doesn’t have that much variety of food nor drinks to choose from. Well, they’re currently on soft opening, so maybe that’s why.


Now, this section here has most all of your calligraphy and art needs. And as you can see, there are also Anello bags for sale! Go buy one, now! πŸ˜Š


Panoramic view inside the coffee shop. I so love the simplicity of the place, plants on the wall, stuff anyone would need for doodling and calligraphy are available. Most especially, their good food!


Thank you for the treat, love! πŸ˜˜


We’d love to go back and try their Lasagna and Spark Sandwich.


I was sooo shy, tbh! It was my first time asking the owners for photo op. Jeez! But they were so cool and accommodating. Thank you so much sirs! πŸ˜Š

SPARK Coffee + Crafts is located at Unit 56C Paseo Uno Bldg. Ruby St., Marfori Heights Davao City. For more inquiries and reservation, visit and like their Facebook page. For hard-to-find art & craft supplies, visit and like K & K: All Things Kawaii.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions herein are my own and not influenced by the growing business in any way.


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