Mark. Liquid Lip Lacquer Swatches and Five Reasons Why to Purchase Them

Since grade school, I’ve been seeing the AVON brochure at home or in a neighbor’s. AVON has been part of our lives, admit it or not. From good quality underwears, skincare products, and makeups, we can easily purchase from them. Avon has also help not just the consumers to purchase personal care items by having it pay through cash or installments, but also every Filipino make their own income by being an AVON dealer.

More than a month ago, I’ve received a PR package from AVON. It has 21 freakin’ shades! What I’m talking about is the Mark. by AVON’s Liquid Lip Lacquer in SHINE and MATTE!

I’ve tried them on for how many days from the time I received the package. And I’ve listed down below the 5 reasons why you should purchase them:

  • There are 21 shades to choose from! The Mark. Liquid Lip Lacquer SHINE has 9 shades and the MATTE has 12 shades. Thus, in whatever occasion you’re in, you’ll never run out of shades to wear!
  • Travel size container with 7ml content. Each shade costs Php 399 only and I must say it’s sulit because it has 40% more content versus other liquid lipstick brands.
  • It has built-in primer + pigment on both shine and matte finish. It is intense but easy-to-apply color in just one swipe!
  • It has a diamond-shaped applicator that expertly sculpts your lips.
  • It won’t be hard for you to purchase them. Sure thing you know someone who’s an AVON dealer. May it be a friend, a neighbor, classmate, or even your sister or mother. You can purchase your preferred Mark. Liquid Lipstick in SHINE or MATTE shade anytime from them.

The 21 Shades of Mark. Liquid Lip Lacquer SHINE & MATTE

Here are the 9 shades of the shine finish. And my top 5 favorite shades from this line are:
– Work It
– Vintage Smoke
– Dark & Stormy
– Puty
– Nudeitude
These are the 12 shades of the matte finish and my top 5 faves are:
– Head Turner
– Irresistible
– Passion It
– Man Eater
– Naked Crush

Have you, too, tried one of them? How is it so far for you? Leave your comments below! I want to know your experience as well.

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