Figure Me Out

Jamaica Bastasa is the author’s name, 23 yrs old, who grew up in Panabo City and went to college in Davao where she currently resides.

 She decided to create this blog to share her random musings, new discoveries, photos of adventures and anything under the sun! Something that has to do and means a lot to her. Things she wants, likes to do, and wanna learn or just discovered.

Why ‘This World is my Runway’?

Simply because, she’s a frustrated ramp model. Lol. She experienced to do ramp modeling before though, and won some pageants during elementary and high school days. But since it’s her passion, her heart still hopes to rock again the runway aside from hitting the dance floor. My love affair with dancing and joining pageants started at a very young age.

A quick trivia:

The Miss World 1993, 43rd edition of the Miss World pageant was held at the Sun City Entertainment Centre in Sun City, South Africa on 27th November, a few days before I was born, .The winner was Lisa Hanna of Jamaica. Hence, the name given to me. (And yeah, maybe it’s also the reason why I’m into ramp modeling. πŸ˜‚ Chos!)

As of now, she’s working in a BPO company. As she had to stop schooling, but hopes to get back to school sooner and finish college. As she believes that with God’s grace everything will fall in the right place and at the right time.

I look forward to sharing with you the things I’ve learned (and have yet to learn) about life, food, my beloved Davao City and anything in between. I will also try to blog about makeup, fashion, calligraphy and write some product reviews! 😊

For events and collaboration, email me at 

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