A Bonne | Product Review and GIVEAWAY!

Most of us want to have a clearer, brighter, and youthful skin. As for me, it adds confidence and boosts my self-esteem. I remember when I was younger, I was bullied because I’m morena. Well, to be honest, even now, people tease me. This led me to use different types of whitening products and even tried gluta drips.

From face peeling set to body whitening products, believe me, I’ve tried them all before. It’s not that I wasn’t really eager to achieve a whiter skin, but there are times I often run out of budget and need to prioritize other expenses. Hence, I stopped using the pricey products and even gluta drips.

After reading some articles and blog posts about having healthier skin and hearing some of the morenas’ testimonies, I realized that love your own skin. Not just getting a whiter skin, but a glowing, supple, and fairer skin.

So from then on, I always look forward to exfoliating my skin using my favorite local brand soaps. Once dead skin shows up, I would use A Bonne Milk Salt Scrub. I’ve also tried some of A Bonne’s products and if you want to know more of them, please keep on reading! πŸ™‚

A Bonne Spa Milk Salt

4512127728_IMG_6184 2

This is what I’m talking about. The one I have is a refill pack of A Bonne Milk Salt Scrub in 350g. What I like about this is its smell and it really does the work. The only thing I disliked about it is when the cup area is moistened (because we sometimes can’t avoid that scenario while taking a shower/bath), it’s hard to dispense the salt scrub.

Other than that, the overall experience is good and satisfying. And feel the smoothness of your skin afterward.

A Bonne Milk Power Lightening Lotion

4504458880_IMG_6182 2

After taking a shower/bath, I put the A Bonne Milk Power Lightening Lotion on to eliminate dryness and improve my skin’s firmness. I noticed that it doesn’t have a strong fragrance, easily absorbed, and it feels light on my skin. An ample amount will do and just add more if it’s necessary.

A Bonne Banana Milk Cracked Heel Cream

4512691984_IMG_6194 2

Not sure why but it smells like a sweet candy instead of a banana. But that’s fine with me, it still smells good anyway. This is my first time to use a heel cream and to be honest, I would sometimes forget to apply this on, especially, during busy days.

It claims fast action in five (5) days and as per direction, apply this on the affected area for 2-3 times daily. And for best result apply after a bath. But on approximately twice for three (3) days last week (yes, I just recently started using this) of using this product, I noticed that it really did smoothen my heels.


I want to share with you these A Bonne products that I’ve tried and experience for yourself their benefits.Β I will be giving away the following A Bonne products to three (3) lucky winners:

4510635568_IMG_6181 2

  • One (1) A Bonne Milk Salt Scrub
  • One (1) A Bonne Milk Power Lightening Lotion
  • Two (2) 15g A Bonne Banana Milk Cracked Heel Cream.


Untitled Design

To have a chance to win these products, please visit here for the mechanics and don’t forget to follow each step to make sure you have a valid entry. Thanks for dropping by and hope you join my mini giveaway! This is exclusive for Davao residents only. Good luck! πŸ™‚

*The above mentioned A Bonne products can be found and bought at your nearest Watsons Drugstore.Β 

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