Crab Mentality


Please know the difference and help yourself become a woman. Don’t focus on someone else’s life. Mind your own. Life isn’t a race nor a competition. It’s a battle against trials and problems, not against other people around you. And oh, this isn’t intended only for women. But also for men.

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Once you achieve your dreams without pulling others down is indeed a true success. Making others feel bad just to make yourself feel better, won’t even make you a good person. And it’s such an overwhelming feeling when you help others stand strong and be confident! Isn’t it?

And for people who suffer being bullied, let’s not stoop down to their level. Let’s help improve ourselves and become even stronger than we were before. Not because we want revenge, but for the betterment of ourselves.

Take note of this 👇


So choose to be surrounded by confident people who are happy for you when you succeed and improved. 😚

PS. I don’t know. I just feel like posting this. 😅 But I’m  totally serious about it though. Kbye!

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